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Working at home

Online Counselling

Counselling online can offer the same benefits in-person counselling can offer but with the added ease of doing it within your own home. 

Online counselling become the norm during the coronavirus pandemic, it enabled individuals to still get the mental health support they need within a time face-to-face services were restricted.  Now online counselling has fast become a preferred mode of receiving counselling, it enables those who would struggle to attend somewhere the ability to make the most out of counselling in their own secure home. Others may choose online counselling as it can fit around their busy lifestyle. 

I offer online counselling through a secure and encrypted platform ensuring you still receive the appropriate confidentiality. For online counselling it is important that you are still able to access a private space to ensure you can speak freely, a lot of clients do this by scheduling sessions when they are home alone. You would need a laptop, computer or tablet which has a working microphone and camera.


​Feeling heard and understood is a key component of counselling. This holds true for in-person, online, and telephone counselling. The sessions should provide you with a secure place to discuss your feelings without being judged, regardless of how they are conducted. Through online counselling, I will help you understand what is going on, why you are feeling the way you are, and what you can do to process it.​

Video Consultation

Many of the same problems that can be helped with in-person therapy, such as anxiety, stress, depression, problems with self-esteem and confidence, loss, and family relationship issues, can also be helped with online and telephone counselling. 

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